Adding New Molding Profiles

Adding New Molding Profiles

I am trying to add new custom molding profiles to my library and not having success. My attempt includes the following steps. 

1. create new dwg with desired profile
2. using "browse to factory data" I save a copy of the file to where I think it should be, Graphics Folder, then Moldings.
3. Open workbook designer, Workbook G, Lookup Tables, locate section with molding profiles, add new row and insert info for the new molding. 
4. Open new drawing, expect new profile to show up in menu, experience disappointment.

I am hoping someone can either describe the correct steps or provide a link to a good article or video tutorial. My next step is trying to add new stile and rail profiles for 5 piece doors, which I believe should be a similar process. Any help with this is very much appreciated. 

Thank you!

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