Adjusting Machining Post-Processing

Adjusting Machining Post-Processing

Hello All,

I just processed a job through the Nesting Process Station and found that a single cabinet has the door swing (hinges) on the wrong side. Is there a way to manually add and delete hinge holes to the cabinet's sides without re-processing the whole work order? There are (possibly) two options below:

1. I am hoping that I can edit the Composite.dwg file is found under Nest Options>Open Drawing?
      - Once edited, (moving 4 drill holes) I could maybe run the Composite.dwg back through the Nest Process Station? And the edited Composite.dwg would somehow communicate with the Nesting Process Station to provide me with updated .cix files?

2. The alternative is to correct the cabinet using Product Prompts, then reprocess the entire job (which involves filtering all of the parts into the correct processors (Saw & Nest))

As you can see, Option 1 would be much easier... I just do not know if it is possible. I am also open to suggestions. Thank you

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