Announcing, Microvellum's first-ever Exchange podcast episode!

Announcing, Microvellum's first-ever Exchange podcast episode!

We are pleased to announce, Own Thy Data! Our first Exchange podcast episode, where James and RJ discuss with Matt Parisher, Craig Snee, and Truman Witt how taking ownership of your data and developing it to your needs can take your Microvellum experience to the next level!

What does it mean and what does it take to “Own Thy Data”? In this episode, we'll take a deeper look at what it means to take ownership of your product data and how doing so can transform your design and manufacturing processes to be more efficient.

When it comes to Microvellum, one of the most important things you can do to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your woodworking software is to take ownership of your data. By taking the reigns, you can fine tune your data to streamline your processes, create higher quality products, eliminate mistakes, and make more money for your company.


James Drury, Exchange Host and Technology Advocate, has transitioned from the shop floor, to becoming a drafter, managing an engineering department; and now, to the technological side of woodworking - he's seen it all. 

RJ Pranski, Exchange Host and Training Analyst, a former engineer and project manager in the woodworking industry, RJ brings a wide array of knowledge and experience to the table.

Matt Parisher, Microvellum Account Manager, has been part of the team here for several years now. Matt comes with many years of experience in drafting and engineering. Along with years of training and implementing Microvellum software.

Craig Snee, long time Service Provider, specializes in custom cabinet library development. Craig has an extensive background in woodworking and has helped consult and collaborate on many of Microvellum's product libraries.

Truman Witt is the Engineering Manager for Benchmark Woodworks in Delaware, Ohio. Truman is a valued and trusted member of the Microvellum community and has years of experience diving deep into the weeds of his CAD software, tailoring it to suit the needs of his company.

Watch the episode full episode here, Exchange: Own Thy Data

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