Better way to create/update SQL CE configuration

Better way to create/update SQL CE configuration

We work with a ton of clients and need to be able to get a clean copy of each customers MV configuration in a SQL CE format.
Right now the "correct" and into proper way that I know of to do this is through the transfer tables tool.

This issue with this is that Windows caps out at 4gb and virtually everyone's database exceeds this.
Additionally we don't need to include projects and the majority of that data.

We have resorted to exporting the various components via via database management and then importing this to an existing SQL CE config and creating it manually essentially 

Not only is this time consuming and difficult for most clients, but we've run into a new issue related to this, as it seems to create a new link id for the library, so later if we import or export products to and form our clients the libraru link IDs don't match and errors out.

We need a good single tool to create a clean SQL CE configuration without projects and work orders, just the library and templates etc.

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