better way to make fomular hardware part

better way to make fomular hardware part

I have one part number, it is very similar but just has different language or connection or type or length, then it will have tones of part number. But we need the part number for price and report purpose.

I am thinking use fomular hardware, but i am not sure how to achieve it, i need some advise to how to make the hardware  inside.

The hardware is a like this: FXL-XXY-G-HLHLHL-E
L has 4 variable, XX has 10 variable, Y has 3 variable, G has 8 variable, HL each one has 6 variable ...
If i have to create each one a hardware, it is a lots. Do we have a better way to fomular the hardware part number? or i must make each hardware per this matrix fomular?

Any suggestion or idea?

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