Changing depth of border routes in the nest composite

Changing depth of border routes in the nest composite

I am curious to see how other users change the depth of border routes in the nest when moving parts to a thicker material. If, for example, I have a small filler that is released to come out of a 3/4" PL1-PL1 layup but have room for the part on a 1" PL1-PL1 layup I move the part to avoid doing a custom layup for a part where thickness is not critical. When I move from a thicker composition to a thinner one this works fine, the post processor reduces the depth of cut to avoid cutting into the bed of the CNC, when going from thinner to thicker however the cut does not go all the way through the part.

The only solution I have been given is to use the 2D MACHINING TOOLS > Part Tools, match the name of the part and "Select Existing", then select the part. While cumbersome this works except I loose any edgebanding information from the part label.

Has anyone found a good workaround for dealing with this?

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