Definitions for beginners

Definitions for beginners

I have read every post for the last 6 months and kept up with every one daily. The people on here are stars and know their stuff. 

I don't know how many read through and are lost like me. 

So I will start asking some beginner questions and I will start with this: Could someone please describe to me the concept of a TOKEN? I have asked and been explained and still don't grasp it and want to. 

I have seen machine token, drawing token, flatshot token, PLINE token and more and I just haven't gotten it. 

Also there are many terms that in the same way I just don't understand. Is there somewhere that I can search a glossary and get definitions of terms? Please don't answer with "search community" or "Google" as believe me I am surprised that a lot of the concepts in the community are not easily found on these resources. 

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