Dowel Hole Spacing

Dowel Hole Spacing

Our custom casework shop has been running into an issue with the dowel spacing set up for our casework. I reached out to MV already, but the solution doesn't work every time.

The way our dowelling machine is set up is that the hole placement starts 1.22" from the front of the part and has 6.299" oc spacing for the dowel holes. The problem is the dowel distance to back edge variable because it's adding in an extra dowel from the back edge when we only want it to start the spacing reference from the front edge. There is no way to turn that feature off and putting in a value of 0 puts the dowel right on the back edge but there is no way to get rid of that entirely. Ideally, that part (see attached images) would only have two dowels and the third at the back should not be there because it doesn't follow the 6.299" spacing we have set up. 

The suggestion from microvellum was to override the dowel distance to back edge with a random number until it takes it out, but this does not work as it takes away the dowel and doesn't actually move the last dowel into the right spot. This also doesn't work when you have upper and lower casework in the same room as changing that variable is within the project spec group global.

So far, we have no idea on how to proceed other than having it leave out the last hole and just having the shop drill it manually.
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