Issues with Drawer Box Report - For Data Imports

Issues with Drawer Box Report - For Data Imports

I have been asked to create a drawer box report that would be used to output an excel file that could then be used to import directly into another scheduling and production software. (AllMoxy) 

The concept is easy enough but I am having trouble getting the correct prompts and option into the report.  I linked the subassembly prompts and I get most of the main prompts but it like some of the “lower” hidden prompts that are after the empty line in the spreadsheet and are just formulas used for generating the info are not showing up.  I am assuming there is something I am missing in the report setup. 

Any help would be appreciated.  I am guessing I will need to reach out and possibly get this report made by Microvellum or at least get more report training. 

Items I’m having trouble getting:

Side Material Name  -  Currently Using {Parts.MaterialName}

Side Material Thickness  -  Currently Using  {Parts.MaterialThickness} Thick

Bottom Material Name  -  Currently Using {Parts.MaterialName}

Bottom Placment  -  Currently Using  {SubassemblyReportPrompts.drawer_bottom_location} Up

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