Drawer export as a .csv file

Drawer export as a .csv file


We are developing an ERP for a client who is a drawer manufacturer. Most of our manufacturer's customers use Microvellum.


Our client would like to offer its Microvellum users the ability to export drawer dimensions so that this export can be imported into our ERP. This would avoid input errors between Microvellum and our ERP.


One of his customers has already done an export from Microvellum but unfortunately the exported Excel file is difficult to process. See the attached file "Export_we_currently_have - not_usable.xlsx".


Instead, we'd like to get a csv file much like the one we've attached. “Export_we_would_like.xlsx”.


Since we know nothing about Microvellum, we have a few questions:

  1. Is this type of export available by default from Microvellum?
    1. If yes, is there documentation explaining how to do this? Does it required a high level of expertise in Microvellum?
    2. If not, are there members of the community who do custom export development?
  2. Once the export is created, can it be shared with all Micovellum users of our client?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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