Experienced Microvellum Engineer Available for Hire

Experienced Microvellum Engineer Available for Hire

I have over 2 years of experience drafting and engineering with Microvellum in AutoCAD. Most of my experience has been in millwork products including walls, wall panels, shelves, display cases, book cases, and complex structures. I have experience in engineering products and had been working on developing the products for my last company. I regularly exceeded expectations with deadlines and quality of work. I also have a keen eye for detail and drafting is my strong suit. this allowed me to quickly become one of the leading microvellum engineers at the company and the top drafter aswell.

I live in Illinois, and would be interested in either an in person job in the Southern Illinois area, or a remote position. 

My major in university was in Architecture, and fresh out of college I worked for a roofing and gutter company, and at my last job I made several visits to the assembly area, and even some site visits for installs. so I have a great understanding of the physical aspect of the industry. 

if you are looking for a knowledgeable employee please contact me at the following email [email protected] 

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