Extruded Die Walls - Construction Method Open Discussion

Extruded Die Walls - Construction Method Open Discussion

I'd love to see an open platform discussion on different construction methods in regards to using the MV extruded Solid tools for  Die walls, for desks, etc.  This would serve as a source of information on this forum for others behind us, and hopefully evolve into a "best practices" given different situations.  

I'll start out by asking a few questions:

  1. How are you:
    1. Handling blocking at outside corners for the panels?
    2. Underneath the counter, are you making the entire panel removable?
      1. Are you putting in removable panels in addition to that?
  2. For straight walls:
    1. How many of you are able to pre-laminate at least some of the faces to save time in the shop?
  3. For curved walls:
    1. Are you using bending ply? Kerf Kore?  Prelaminating ahead of time or on the wall?
  4. Joints
    1. What's your favorite method of attaching the walls together?

    It would be awesome if we could also share pics of the section views for others to evaluate.  Hopefully we'll all learn something.  

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