FEATURE REQUEST: More Point-of-Use Help Inside MV

FEATURE REQUEST: More Point-of-Use Help Inside MV

We are preparing to train a whole new group of drafters on how to use MV.  In doing so, we will utilize MV's help documents, as well as our own.  Both are great for initial training, when you have time to go over the basics in full depth from start to finish and search online or skim a pdf.  However, once someone is initially trained and starts using the program, Point-of-Use help can very beneficial to quickly check that you are in the right place, clicking the right button, etc.  It can really cut down on the amount of questions we get from less experienced users.  I would love to see it being used more consistently and kept up-to-date with all new features that MV puts out.

Some examples:

Simple tooltips are one basic example of a quick reference that ensures you're clicking the correct button.  I realized today that the blue toolbar in the MV docking station does not have those on the main blue buttons.  (It does on the ones below, once a blue one is selected.)  Maybe there is a specific reason or limitation that wouldn't allow them here, but generally, having icons with no possibility of a visible description for what they do causes unnecessary clicking and questions for many users.

The Toolfile interface and Processing Station editing interface is another area where most fields don't have a tooltip to describe what the field is for.  I believe I may have a separate post out there about Toolfile Tooltips, specifically, as they would be very helpful for us.

Another area where more help text (that gets updated when changes are made) would be majorly beneficial is with Machine Tokens.  The descriptions for several Parameters are not up to date with some of the options that have been added overtime.  Sometimes, even after an hour of research online, I can't figure out what options truly are and are not available for a given token parameter.  For example, this description is what shows up for the Offset parameter of a PLINE.  There is nothing in there about being able to do multiple offsets by surrounding each instance with { }.

Another example of Machine Token descriptions/parameters being out-of-date is for tokens like "Associative Cam Locks" that now allow you to actually allocate hardware inside the token instead of requiring separate hwr parts to be added.  This is a great feature, but nowhere in the token does the help text say that it's possible to do so.

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