FEATURE REQUEST: Move “Product Drawing Setups” to Global controlled prompts.

FEATURE REQUEST: Move “Product Drawing Setups” to Global controlled prompts.

The “Product Drawing Setups” are created and controlled on a per computer basis, allowing each user to make their own setup and changes based on their desired look.  For a company that wants to create and control the basic standards of our drawings so that they all look the same this doesn’t always work well.  We think as a whole it would be better and easier if these were built into the Global controlled variables.   This way when new jobs are created everyone is getting the same setup coming from the Template Level Spec Group. 

We have 12 drafters and some of them know and use/adjust these as they see fit and others don’t know what they are for and leave them along.  I am trying to unify all the drawings so that the only way to tell who did the drawings is by the drafters initials on the page. 

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