FEATURE REQUEST: SMT Corner Negotiation Type None to be Continuous

FEATURE REQUEST: SMT Corner Negotiation Type None to be Continuous

I don't know about others out there, but when using the Solid Modeling Tools it would be nice if the "None" option in the Extrusion Corner Negotiation Type would create a solid extrusion throughout the path - no breaks.

"None" gets a little confusing because "none" implies that there won't be any corner negotiations (butt before/after, miter, or distance from corner). A solid piece is implied by "None".

The reason I would love to see this is because I am a control freak. I like to be able to place breaks in parts at locations that I want. Often times there are walls/desks that have returns on one, or both ends. Typically I set these up for distance from corner which works decently. But there are times when I need the leading/trailing distances to mirror each other.

For instance, I have a U-shaped wall the first return leg is 24 inches, the second section is 72 inches, and the last return is 24 inches. I would like to have the return legs be full length plus 12 inches coming into the 72 inch section. So, when using the leading/trailing distances (24 inches leading, 12 inches trailing), my first leg comes out exactly how I want it. But the last leg comes into the 72 inch section by the leading distance and only goes 12 inches into the return (the trailing distance) leaving me with a 12 inch section that I have to remove a joint. Start throwing in profile offsets for toe kicks, and what not, and the breaks aren't lined up.

With a truly continuous extrusion, I can quickly add joints to all those parts in just a few steps - exactly where I want them nonetheless.

If the "None" option can't be used for a continuous extrusion then it would be helpful to add a "Continuous" option. ("None" is still confusing though. "Default" may be better, and then "None" could be used for continuous.)

With a little more functionality these tools will allow even faster design times!

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