FLATSHOT on complex products

FLATSHOT on complex products

Does anyone successfully use the FLATSHOT tokens on complex products like die walls?  The whole idea seems really cool, to be able to use these live images on reports and tags, but when I try it out every now and then, it never seems to get me what I want at all.
  1. When I turned on an "explode factor" for a single plan view flatshot, 1 single product took 5 minutes to draw.
  2. When I turned on hardware for a single plan view flatshot, it errored out when I tried to draw, and I had to restart CAD.
  3. When I used "hidden" iso views, the speed decreased immensely, with 1 single die wall drawing for 20+ minutes before I gave up and restarted CAD.
  4. When I used "hidden" front/back views, it took 5 minutes to "draw", but they did not in fact draw.  And afterward, my drawing would no longer let me zoom or pan around.  It pretty much froze the drawing.
  5. When I tried to use a "bounding box" to create a section view, that image did not draw, when there should have been parts inside the boundary I established.

We would need hidden views to work and drilling and hardware to draw in order to use these on production paperwork.  I have been struggling majorly, but I'm wondering if others have had more luck?  How are others using the FLATSHOT tokens effectively?

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