Formula Material thickness at project level actively affecting thickness in other projects

Formula Material thickness at project level actively affecting thickness in other projects

We are experiencing an issue with our formula material, both in the library, and in existing projects, having the incorrect material thickness. The formula material thickness is set by a Wizard prompt when creating a project. The issue is that every new project we create, it is although the formula material is half-acting as library material. The "Material Database Name" in the library does not match the "Library Material" (circled in Blue below). Instead, it matches the most recently created project's Formula Material Name. 

Not only is that an issue, but all existing project's materials now also equal the wrong "Material Database Name". For instance, in the above picture, the Library Material Alias Name selected is "Spec 1 Exterior G1S G2S". The "Material Database Name" is somehow updated from my most recent project. Now the image below is a project created a day earlier, where in the project I named the "Material Name" for this Alias something else, and somehow the "Material Database Name" is updated from the newer project as well.

Even though the "Material Thickness" is showing correctly correctly here at 19, somehow Microvellum is ignoring the project level data here and looking into the database for the "Material Database Name" thickness. This is causing some pretty big issues as you can imagine.

For instance, I made a project with formula material buyout doors, and set the thickness to 19.5mm. My co-worker was also working on a project with buyout doors using the same formula material, of course only editing it at a project level. My change to 19.5mm, as the most recent update to the material, seemed to update that "Material Alias Name's" thickness across all projects, and Library's database. So now, even though in his project, the "Material Thickness" is showing the correct 19.2mm thickness he needs, it is pulling the thickness of 19.5mm from my project and drawing his doors at 19.5mm. We checked all the prompts in his products, and they still say 19.2mm thick, but are not drawing as such.

When he tries to update the the material for himself again, it has no effect on his, or my project. It seems only when one of us creates a new project, or the person with the most recent project edits their material thickness, this is where it will overwrite all existing projects again. 

Sorry if this all sounds like a bunch of incoherent rambling, this is the best I can do to explain this complicated issue, and how it seems to be triggered.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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