Drawing Services

Drawing Services

Sheldon Wiebe Engineering has the privilege to provide to you customized shop drawings and Microvellum products ready for production at competitive prices and quality.

I am educated in all things wood with a bachelor's in wood technology. I have been doing commercial and high end residential drawings for years now. Where I can give you the most benefit, is in the design and practical engineering of the product so the shop can build it and the customer loves how it looks.

How it works:
1. You provide the architectural drawings & detailed scope of work
2. I send you an estimate or contract
3. We agree and you send a deposit
4. Once recieved I begin work immediately

Note: I do not accept hourly work, however I will work with you during the estimating process as much as needed to make sure the drawings or Microvellum files match what you need.

Sample drawings available upon request.
I do NOT send proprietary CAD files as samples.

Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.

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