Hardware Token - machining two non-adjacent panels

Hardware Token - machining two non-adjacent panels

I'm trying to add a new hardware item for a closet rod. The problem I'm running into is getting it to only show once on the hardware report while also getting the machining for the rod on both side panels. 
I'm guessing there's not a perfect solution to this, but I thought I'd ask. 

Is there a way to add a hardware item to a product, but not have it show on reports? 

From my understanding I have two other options. I could add two machine tokens on the two sides that get enabled if the closet rod is selected. But this isn't ideal since I'll likely want to add the hardware token to other products. 

The other option is to modify the hardware machine token to look at the product level for the spacing between the two panels, which doesn't seem like a great option either. Though, maybe it's the best option if there's no way to hide a hardware item on a report.

Have y'all run into this before, and what do ya'll consider the best practice for this?

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