Having issues with Virtual Routes not always working

Having issues with Virtual Routes not always working

We have a removable top panel that we use when installing  recessed can lights into a cabinet. We built the panel as a subassembly that simply gets turned on and applied to the openings and has options for the number of lights. 

When we do this we also wanted to cutout most of the actual cabinet top for access and clearance.  To do this we used a Virtual Route to create the cutout into the cabinet top.  When we use this in a tall cabinet the cutout works fine but when we apply this to a wall cabinet we are not getting the cutout.  

I did look at the formula and mapped out the points and location and based on what I have I think it should be working.  It give me all the correct points, tooling, depth, etc.  Would anyone have any input or idea what I need to update to make this work?  

Attached are some images to show what I have going on.

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