How do I copy a spec group from an older library to a newer library?

How do I copy a spec group from an older library to a newer library?

We have been doing bars for a specific customer for a number of years.  We were using the library 35 then.  We made a lot of custom cabinets for these bars that we use over and over.  We made specific spec groups for them as well, including all modules.  I managed to copy these library products to the newer library using database explorer. They don't work because the formulas reference the old global variables file(s).

(The older library is not a component library.  Each product has it's own parts rather than sharing for example, a carcass base.  )

I am trying to copy the spec groups for these custom made products from the older 35 library to the newer 44.1 library, but when I close the database explorer and then restart the program and reopen the database explorer, the copied spec groups are no longer there.  It won't save those changes for some reason.  I am copying the spec groups from the database to my local c drive, and then changing to the new configuration and copying from the local c drive into the spec groups folder on my 44.1 library.

Does anybody have any clue as to why these copied spec groups won't save when I exit the database explorer?  Thanks in advance for any input.

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