How do you manage drawing revisions?

How do you manage drawing revisions?

Curious about how do others deal with drawing/Project revisions? The way we do it I think is the worst and I need to change it so I am looking to see what is out there.

We do mostly commercial, multi room/floor projects so there are multiple design and scope revisions. Things get added, removed added back etc. One good thing with commercial/corporate world  is that deadlines are set pretty rigid, otherwise Architects would never finish their masterpieces.

 So as far as I know there are a few options:

1. Keep everything. Out of scope stuff gets an X over i,t in case it comes back. Modify the rest as needed.
2. Copy job as a new revision job and work in that one. How do you manage that? If you have 100 jobs a year they would become 400 jobs. How do you bring in a product from a previous rev. in the latest revision? Saving to library?
3. Create New Rooms in Project for each revision? But now Project will have multiple copies of the same product, same label.

How do you guys manage this? What is the best way to go about it?


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