Introducing the New Microvellum Cloud-Based Software Licensing System

Introducing the New Microvellum Cloud-Based Software Licensing System

Hello, Microvellum Community Members!

We are excited to introduce our brand-new licensing system (SLS), designed for our on-premise software, to improve your Microvellum licensing experience.

This innovation, the first new feature related to our software modernization, is set to simplify software licensing, reduce costs, and make the process of managing software licenses more user-friendly for all clients.  This advancement provides additional freedom and flexibility so you can create extraordinary things without the constraints of our old licensing framework. 

Key Benefits & Information: 

Floating Licenses for Everyone: No Extra Costs! 

  • Say goodbye to the constraints of single license activations. We now offer Floating Licenses (FLA) for all our products at no additional cost. 
  • It is important to note that internet access is required for float license activations. If you do not have internet access, contact your Account Manager to discuss options for an alternative Single License Activation (SLA) software license.  
  • Enjoy unlimited installations, granting you the freedom to use your software across multiple computers. As has always been the case, concurrent use of software licenses is limited to the number of licenses you have purchased. 
  • Annual maintenance costs for existing floating licenses will be reduced, offering savings and increased flexibility. 

New Software Keys: Automated Migration Process! 

  • Existing software serial numbers for all installed and activated Microvellum software will be automatically updated to your new software license key as a Floating License (FLA) type. This applies when installing a software update after December 6, 2023, build 23.1.1205.642. 
  • It is important to note that your previous serial number and password will remain valid for approximately 30 days after updating and activating your software with the new license key. If you choose to update to build 23.1.1205.642 or a future build beyond 23.1.1205.642, we recommend that everyone in your company using the migrated serial number also updates to avoid any issues related to the suspension it's pending suspension.
  • When installing your Microvellum software for the first time, using an install greater than 23.1.1205.642, use your new software license key and activation password. 
  • If you need help or do not have your new license ID and activation password, open a new support case under "Software Management" and select "General License Information" for the reason. Be sure to use the description field to provide details of your request. 

Multiple OEM Versions: Retain Access to All Three Supported Versions 

  • The new Software Licensing System offers enhanced flexibility, allowing access to both current and past Toolbox OEM versions on a single computer. Additionally, with an active subscription to Support & Maintenance and OEM User License Maintenance, you can ensure that your software and OEM stay up to date.

Streamlined Licensing for Toolbox OEM 

  • We've eliminated version-specific software licenses, simplifying access to the latest versions of Toolbox OEM. 
  • No more dealing with different licenses for various versions or concerns about your previous version timing out. With our new Software Licensing System, you will have one software license key and password for all Toolbox versions. 

Self-Service Portal: Coming Soon! 

  • We are developing a self-service licensing portal to streamline access to your licensing information. Stay tuned for its upcoming release. 

As mentioned, the new Software Licensing System is scheduled to launch on December 6, 2023, and will be available in all software builds 23.1.1205.642 and beyond. This advancement works to improve both security and licensing convenience for all clients and we’re looking forward to its release. 

To learn more about the new Software Licensing System, please review our FAQ.
Thank you for your continued trust in Microvellum. 

Stay tuned for further updates. 

Microvellum Product Management Team 

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