Explore Outsourcing Your Microvellum Component and Foundation Library Shop Drawings

Explore Outsourcing Your Microvellum Component and Foundation Library Shop Drawings

MDS is a drafting submittal company with over 7 years of experience providing quality Microvellum shop drawings.   Our mission is simple:  To deliver professional production ready Microvellum shop drawings ahead of time and under budget! 

We believe that a set of millwork submittals should be a representation of how your company builds cabinets, not merely a reproduction of what the architect has already drawn.   As previous millwork owners and Microvellum users we understand that your millwork submittals are the basis of the entire project.  Uncaught errors result in timely delays, wasted materials and unbudgeted costs that affect your bottom line.  

Our Microvellum customers have entrusted us to produce drawings for more than 1,000 projects over the years with a focus in education, healthcare, sports/entertainment, retail and others.  From the initial job creation to the final approval and delivery of your Microvellum shop drawings, we are committed to your ongoing satisfaction.  The result is a set of “Approved as Noted” Microvellum submittals drawn with your Microvellum Component or Foundation library and in your company’s template. 

Consider the following if you have struggled with producing detailed Microvellum shop drawings and are looking for an alternative approach. 

- Flexibility.  Use our services when you require them with no ongoing commitment

- Quick turnaround time from initial setup to submittal

Straightforward communication and collaboration between our companies

Lower payroll cost

Referenceable Microvellum customers

Please contact me directly should you have an interest in exploring the simplicity of outsourcing your Microvellum shop drawings.  

Best Regards,

Patrick Riley

Millwork Drafting Services


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