Microvellum Freezes and Crashes

Microvellum Freezes and Crashes

Hi everyone,

I've been having issues where Microvellum continues to freeze and crash.

There are times where it will freeze and I have to manually shut it down with the task manager.

Once in a while it will just exit on it's own without any type of warning.  Usually that happens after I get done revising, updating, or drawing a new part.

There are also times where it will say "Fatal Error"  and forces me to exit out.  

I'm not sure if anyone has experienced these issues or not, but if you have, could you help point me in the right direction?  I've checked my PC requirements, and everything should be up to date.  I also enabled toolbox through the Anti Virus software that was causing issues at one point and time.  

Thank you for all the help!!

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