Microvellum server

Microvellum server


Since I use Toolbox server, in the properties of the project, when I go to "project Specification Group" to determine my different material recipes, I have 4 error messages and when the window opens, I I have my basic recipe, but I also have another that causes errors called "Specification Group 1" and for which the Wizard and the global are called "Room Components Imperial" and the edge hardware and Door s 'calls 'Room Components'.

How do I make this recipe disappear because it does not appear in my library?

Moreover when opening a new project, when I draw a wall it is not created, only a line is drawn which is not recognized by Microvellum. I have to open an old job drawing a wall there for mucrovellum to load its wall specs and go back to my new project, at this point it works. Is there a link?

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