Microvellum Supports AWFS but is Not Exhibiting this year

Microvellum Supports AWFS but is Not Exhibiting this year

Dear Clients & Partners,

I want to share some news about our positioning for this year’s AWFS trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Earlier this year, my team and I decided to withdraw from the show. I wanted fill you in on some of the reasoning we used to help us make this decision and inform you of some other initiatives where we can connect and engage.

We are, and will continue to be, a supporter of the AWFS organization and trade shows. The AWFS organization provides a platform that is vital to strengthening and developing industry education and for creating a voice on public policy issues affecting our industry. At Microvellum, it is our purpose to equip users in our industry to reach their potential to grow. Both organizations accomplish their purpose through education. With education as primary to the success of Microvellum and the people we serve, we decided to recommit to our purpose and focus on initiatives that help equip our clients with the knowledge they need to succeed. To that end, we have decided to reduce our participation in large trade show fairs for the time being.

Understandingly, the AWFS organization supported our decision to not exhibit. In fact, after our initial conversation, I was accepted into the AWFS Education Committee, where I will work with other industry professionals on the committee to carry your voice and influence the AWFS organization with the educational perspectives that matter to you.

So, this year, instead of seeing you at a Microvellum booth at the fair, we hope to engage with you in other, more meaningful ways. One way you might choose to engage with us is through our new Community website, a platform inspired by our clients and open to anyone that wants to join in on industry related conversations. You can also join us at one of our upcoming, semi-monthly virtual user group events, where users from around the world can engage in a wide variety of software and industry-related topics. We are also working to develop more informative documentation and training series videos to help our users dive deep into specific areas of our platform. In the coming months, we will also be announcing a few other fun and exciting ways for you to get more involved, to learn and connect with users at in-person conferences and local training events.

So, while you will not see us at our typical booth, we will be sending quite a few members of our team to attend the show alongside you. If you would like to meet or walk the show together, just reach out and let us know.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to connecting with you at an upcoming event soon.


David Fairbanks
CEO/President Microvellum Software

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