Microvellum University – eLearning Status Update

Microvellum University – eLearning Status Update

We have some exciting news to share with you regarding new training resources coming this month!

One of the key elements of Microvellum University (MVU) is eLearning. Microvellum’s eLearning training program is designed to help novice to intermediate-level users gain foundational knowledge to help them become successful operators of Microvellum software.   

Led by Microvellum’s own RJ Pranski, a woodworker with over 20 years of industry experience and more than a decade of Microvellum software expertise, the MVU eLearning resources include training plans, videos, downloadable projects and other resources to help to flatten the learning curve. 

Like our open community and user forums, eLearning content will be easy to access and open to anyone, anytime. MVU eLearning is a free educational resource for anyone seeking to learn, expand their knowledge, and connect with other users. Starting this month, January 2024, all MVU eLearning videos and training materials will be available on Microvellum.com as well as our YouTube and Vimeo channels. 

Upon the initial release, the MVU eLearning education series will offer five training plans: 

  1. Setup and Installation, 
  2. Getting Started, 
  3. Design and Drafting, 
  4. Basic Engineering 
  5. From Plan to Production

These essential training plans are designed to help users get up to speed quickly and build foundational knowledge for specific workflows and job demands.  Whether you are a designer, drafter, or engineer, you will have an online learning resource to support you in your journey to becoming a successful user of Microvellum software.  Each training plan will include video-based instruction, links to downloadable projects for use in specific plans, as well as drawings and PDFs for reference (available in metric and imperial units). In addition to the educational content, training plans will also include short quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress.

Looking forward, additional training plans, videos, and other educational content related to various aspects of the software, such as construction methods, materials, hardware, reporting, and much more, will become available. 

Together, with the support of our certified service team, we are on a mission to help the industry go further faster with Microvellum – Empowering you with the tools to gain a solid understanding of Microvellum software and leveraging the experience of our service team to propel you to the next level.


Watch for more details and updates coming soon!

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