New User Training

New User Training

This is half question, half rant.  What are you folks doing for new user training?  What qualifications are you looking for when hiring that you feel will translate into a successful employee?  The last couple of folks we have hired have not panned out very well.  We are limited in our local area as far as talent coming from the cabinet and millwork industry so that is the first challenge. Do you train in house or rely on Microvellum to train new users (expensive)?  Finding someone who knows autocad is pretty easy as we have a couple community colleges that teach the basics, but that does not translate into success if they can't grasp the construction methods.   We do not have a shop so it isn't like we can take them out there to learn how to build stuff prior to drafting.

Thoughts, ideas?  Thank you.

Looking for ideas, suggestions, etc.

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    In this Limelight, we explore The MiLL in Colorado Springs, CO (The Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab), and learn about their CTE program that is working to address the trades skills gap at the high school level.

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