Optimization of Various Sheet Sizes

Optimization of Various Sheet Sizes

As an example, say we run 90% 4x8's for a project, but we need 2 4x10's for tall products. All same material (say 19mm_RiftWhtOak_2S_VEN).

In Microvellum sheet good library, we set our quantity of 4x8's to (1000) priority 2 and 4x10's to (2) priority 3 (scrap is priority 1) as we only purchase the necessary amount.

The Microvellum optimizer will place smaller parts on the 4x10's and when it gets to the parts that actually need to hit the 10' material, "There are not enough sheets available of X matl".

It impacts us when material cost of 4x8's is more advantageous than 4x10's and we only purchase what is necessary to be oversized. Eliminates excess scrap generation so it's not really a process we can/want to change.

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