Packing List - Sub Line Items for shipping shelves loose from a product?

Packing List - Sub Line Items for shipping shelves loose from a product?

I have been asked if it is possible to create a “Sub Line Item” for a certain parts like shelves that we might want to ship loose from the cabinet. The concept being that you would have the line item for the cabinet and then directly below it we would have another line item showing the Qty of shelves that we are shipping loose.  So, 2-line items for the same product.    Below I made a mock-up of what they are asking us to do.

The other concept was that we would have a new “category” similar to the loose hardware that would have the similar line item for each cabinet we are shipping the shelves loose for. 

Backstory: We are finding that in the shop they have been removing all the adjustable shelves out of all tall cabinets and shipping them as a separate package.  The reason for this is to reduce the weight of tall cabinets and make them easier to load, ship, install.  While the idea and concept is goo we are now running into the issue where the cabinets are getting loaded and shipped but the shelves are still sitting on the shop floor waiting to go because we forget them.    

When I look and consider the concept and request, I could see this being valuable for a number of other things.  Like knock down cabinets to show the Qty of parts, Shelves on KV Standards, etc.  

To go along with this, I wondered if we could add the option of additional "blank lines" at the end of the packing list to have write-ins added. 

Any help or input would be appreciated.

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