Product List Grid

Product List Grid

I am running the OEM version of Microvellum

I know it been awhile sense this was possible but way back when in V6.7 we were able to add different prompts in the Product List Grid.

I know with the new build version we can add certain variable but all pretending to project. 

It would be nice to be able to add variables such as Right / Left finish ends, Pull Types, 1 door swings, etc things that pertain to the products themselves. 

This is variables that would be helpful just to look through the list and double check ourselves to make sure we have the products set correctly.

another thing is developers changed the non drawn product's text to black from lite green which with the dark blue makes it harder to distinguish between them now in the OEM version. 
It would be nice to have access to this variable to change the color as we want, or at least the set color that we can use in the Global/ User Preference / Prompt color setting.

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