Pullout/Inner Drawer Spacer

Pullout/Inner Drawer Spacer


I am new to the world of Microvellum and cabinetry and wanted to see if anybody out there could point me in the correct direction on how to handle a change I need to make for our library in relation to pullout/Inner drawers.   Currently when we use a pullout/inner drawer we add a 1" spacer which I am currently able to do in the latest foundation library.  The issue I have run into is the spacer we use is different then the spacer that is built in the system.  We typically use a Hettich spacer block(See Attached Image).

If you have any suggestions on how I could create this piece as hardware and how to add the machine tokens so it will machine on the sides of cabinets?  

I appreciate any suggestions.


Eric Sorenson

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