Reports in Spanish

Reports in Spanish

How can I get our English language reports to print in Spanish?

As a test, I thought maybe our reports were linked to the Registry entry CultureFunctional : en-US. I thought changing this to es-US, would change the language to Spanish. It did not.

Example from our Product Detail Report header text.
{Microvellum.Globalization.Culturestring.PRODUCTDETAILREPORT} displays as PRODUCT DETAIL REPORT on the printed report.

I tried to use the Report Culture and Globalization Editor, but that didn't seem to work at all.

According to this video, the Globalization editor should change and preview the language in the editor window. Export and import of report globalization settings - Stimulsoft

With Microvellum being a global company, I'm hoping there's a simple way to translate report languages.

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