Save Subassembly not working

Save Subassembly not working

Sometimes when I try to modify a subassembly and save it back in the library, it gets saved only in the Project, even when I check Save to Library... I end up making my modifications in the Database Explorer every time it happens.
Anyone can help me figure out what is causing this ?

Edit 9-dec:
When I search in Database Explorer for the subassembly that I'm not able to save from the Edit Design Data GUI, I find it only one time but when I look for the same subassembly in the SQL Database, I can find it over a hundred times, some of the m are associated with projects but some others are not so I guess that when I save the subassembly it get saved in one of those copies that are not displayed in the Database Explorer... I really don't know what to do next, how can I clean this and get control of this subassembly from the Edit Design Data GUI ?

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