Solid Model Analyzer Calling Incorrect Tool When Analyzing Miters

Solid Model Analyzer Calling Incorrect Tool When Analyzing Miters

Hi all - 

Some quick setup information:
-We are running the Foundation Library, latest release (1102) with Toolbox 2022.
-T103 is our 3/8 compression spiral, used as our default routing tool and border router
-T107 is our 91degree miter bit. It has the Miter_45.dwg profile assigned to it in the toolfile. The diameter is set to 2.625 which is the measure of the bit at its widest point. 
-T117 is our 60 degree miter bit with the Miter_30.dwg profile bit. 
Drawing and machining works correctly when adding polyline machining with Microvellum natively in the spreadsheet, Draw Part in 2D or Part Properties.

However, when I perform solid model analyzer on a solid that has a miter, the analyzer adds a polyline machining operation with T103 and adds the Miter_45 profile instead of simply calling T107 which already has the profile associated with it meaning I have to change the tool number for every mitering operation before outputting to the machine.

Furthermore, if the solid has a chamfer on it instead of a full miter, the analyzer does not recognize it at all so the machining instructions have to be added in after analysis. 

I have tried adding T107 as an SMA tool as was suggested by the person that has been handling our training but that didn't solve the problem and actually just created additional issues because now SMA calls T107 for a whole bunch of other operations for which it is not suited. 

I would appreciate any suggestions for cutting out this painstaking and error prone step of changing tool numbers for miter operations. 

Thanks in advance!

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