Solid Model Analyzer - Machining to All Parts

Solid Model Analyzer - Machining to All Parts

I noticed on newer Microvellum Builds that when I Solid Model Analyze a 3D model, all parts have machining (routing) even the basic rectangular parts. In older Builds, simple rectangular parts did not have machining assigned to them. I am not sure which Build changed this.

The reason I am bring this up is because I would sometimes send smaller and/or simple rectangular parts to a beam saw to be cut instead of having a CNC route out the parts from a nest. With every part having machining, I cannot easily filter out the parts with no machining to send to the beam saw.

Was it intentional for Microvellum to change Solid Model Analyzer to process parts this way? If so, it would be nice to have an option to choose if you want all parts to have machining or not.

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