Tracking Info Reports ?

Tracking Info Reports ?

Does anyone have or use a Tracking Info Report for sending and scheduling jobs to the shop?  

We have been asked to create a report to come out of MV as a daily report of our work we are sending to the shop to help determine estimated hours for per area or department to help with managing manpower. 

Below is the current list of things we are being asked to include.  So far, I am not doing well with even starting to build this out where I can get the correct info or totals.  

Cabinet Info:

  1.  Cabinet Box Count (Base, Upper, Tall, Suspended)

  1. # of Doors
  2. # of Drawer Fronts
  3. # of Drawer Boxes (Including rollouts)
  4. # of Scribe Fillers
  5. # of Aprons and Light Rails
  6. # of Soffit Units (a product we have)
  7. # of Bathroom partition parts
  8. # of Post Laminated Faces
  9. ‚Äč

  10. # of Single Door Locks
  11. # of Double Door Locks
  12. # of Drawer Box Locks
  13. # of Cabinets with KV Pilasters

Cutting and Machining Info:

  1. Nested CNC
    1. # of Sheets
    2. # of Parts per Sheet (Total number or Parts)
  1. Panel Saw
    1. # of Sheets
    2. # of Parts per Sheet (Total number or Parts)
  2. Pod and Rail CNC
    1. # of Parts (Number of Parts sent the Saw that have machining as well as all parts with Face6 machining)
  1. Edge Bander
    1. # of parts
    2. # of lineal feet
  2. H-Bore CNC
    1. # of Parts
    2. # of Edges
  1. Off-Line Cutting
    1. # of Toe Kicks
    2. # of Nailers
    3. # of Drawer Sides / Front / Backs (Total # of Boxes would work)
  2. Misc
    1. # of parts that need Cleaned and Prepped (Basically all parts that have edge banding applied to them)

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