Unable to add a comment to edgebanding and have it show up in the Work order.

Unable to add a comment to edgebanding and have it show up in the Work order.

We have a Diagonal corner cabinet that I setup to Miter the front and cabinet ends to align.  (Think residential style)  When I setup the parts and machining I changed the formula for the edgebanding. 


This works and is correct.  But we have now run into the issue where the panel is not getting pre-mitered due to face6 machining and the operator on the edgebander is just running the part and moving and ignoring the fact that the cabinet side needs to be mitered.  

We have a process for running Face6 machining and we need to work on that internally.  A quick fix in my mind for additional info on the label is to add an additional comment to the edgebanding that calls it out as mitered.  

=IF(Mitered_Face=1,E!Cabinet_Body_Edges_Wide_Span&" Mitered",Cabinet_Body_Edgeband_Material_Name)

In the spread sheet this works, and I don’t get any errors or issues.    But when I process this cabinet to a work order Those 2 Long edges are now blank.  In my images below I left the Upper cabinet with my original working formula and was testing this on a base cabinet.  

Is there a different trick or something I am doing wrong to get this added info onto my label?  


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