Creating a Support Ticket in Microvellum's Help Center

Overview: Support Tickets

Before You Submit Your Ticket...

Take These Self-Service Steps

Here are four common troubleshooting steps you can easily take before you submit a ticket:
  1. Verify that the issue is unique to you; if not, has anyone else solved the issue? You can view your ticket history to see if someone else might have had a similar issue. 
  2. Use the search feature within the Knowledge Network to see if someone else has had a similar issue and posted a resolution.
  3. Verify that you are running the most recent update for your software.
  4. When all else fails, try restarting your software.
If none of these steps help, you should create a support ticket to have one of our support agents help you sort out the issue. Also, it is a good idea tell your support agent what troubleshooting steps you’ve taken (if any) prior to submitting your ticket. Even if the fix you tried didn’t work, you may have been on the right track. This will ensure the support agent can build off your work, while not wasting time retracing your steps.

Proper Ticket Subject Line

A support ticket subject line should set expectations, and if possible, enable the support agent to glance at the subject line and immediately know the issue (without being too wordy). Clear subject lines can lead to a quicker resolution.

Lastly, when you write the ticket subject line, use relevant keywords to describe your question or the issue that you are having. This will lead to faster problem solving and will be helpful if you ever need to search your ticket history for answers.
  1. Poor Subject Line: Toolbox is not working
  2. This subject line is too vague.
  3. Better Subject Line: Toolbox is not docking in AutoCAD® anymore
  4. This subject line provides more context and explains the exact issue you are having.


The more detailed your support tickets are, the more likely it will be solved quickly and without much heavy lifting. Our support team doesn’t need every detail, just the right ones. However, don’t be afraid to ask questions in your ticket. If you put the work in upfront to include the right details, the rest of the process will be much more seamless.


Classifying your ticket is one of the final steps to completing your ticket. Choosing the correct classification will result in faster resolution of your issues and allow our support system to route your tickets to the correct person in the specific department. For example, if you select “Toolbox” as the department, you might select “Activation” if you need to activate Toolbox. Simple, right? If you selected “Library Data” as the department, you might select “Training” if you would like to schedule training related to product library development. 

Production Shutdowns

A Production Shutdown is defined as an inability to produce a fully tested product or operate machinery from all workstations. If you are still able to produce, use a workaround, or use another workstation to accomplish the task, there is no need to check the box “Production Shutdown”. The customization, modifying, and testing of existing or new products beyond their original working design should not be classified as a Production Shutdown since these should be fully tested prior to releasing to production. 

Share a Screenshot or Create a Video

Including screenshots or videos to document the issue you are having is a great way to expedite a resolution. Videos help our support agent clearly see the issue in action. If you can’t include an image, be sure to add the exact text of the error message to the description of your ticket. Remember, you can attach up to 40 MB to each support ticket.

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