Defining Formatting

Defining Formatting

The appearance of the component will be changed, based on the design settings, when the condition applied to that component evaluates as true. The design settings can be set up using the formatting panel in the Condition window.

Fig. 1 – Formatting Panel

  1. Font – Select the font type.
  2. Bold – Select bold style.
  3. Italic – Select italic style.
  4. Underline – Select underline style.
  5. Font Color – Select the color of the font.
  6. Background Color – Select the color of the background.
  7. Border – Select the border style.
  8. Control Menu – This button is used to either enable or disable the components of the control panel.
  9. Style – Select a style. If you’ve created a custom style, you can select it here.
  10. Pattern ­– This panel features a preview of the conditional formatting settings entered.
  11. Component is Enabled – This controls how the result of the condition will affect the enabled property of a component.

The accessibility of the component in a report can be enabled or disabled. An example would be removing a page from a report by setting a condition.

When a condition evaluates as true, the component appearance will change to the settings set in this panel. In the case that the component does not support the specified appearance, the appearance will be deleted.

The availability of the control within the report is determined by the Component is Enabled checkbox.

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