How to Create a Support Ticket through the Microvellum About/Support Portal UI

How to Create a Support Ticket through the Microvellum About/Support Portal UI

This article details the process of creating a support ticket directly through Microvellum software. See Creating a Support Ticket for general information on what is to be included in a ticket.

To start a support request, navigate to Help > About Microvellum > Start Support Request.

Fig. 01 – Start Support Request

Fig. 02 – Microvellum Support Portal

  1. Name – Your name or company name. 
  2. Email – Your email or company email. 
  3. Phone – Your phone number or company phone number. 
  4. Subject – The subject line must be clear so the Support Agent can diagnose at a glance and, if necessary, send the ticket through the proper channels for resolution. See Proper Ticket Subject Line
  5. Description – The more detailed the description, the more likely the issue can be solved quickly. If you know the exact steps in your workflow to recreate an issue, list them here. See Descriptions.
  6. Attachments – It is not always possible for us to replicate an issue on our end, with our data. This is why it is essential to attach as much relevant data as necessary to recreate the issue or for us to eliminate potential causes of the issue.

  7. Fig. 03 – Attachments

    1. Attach Screen Recording – Selecting this option will result in a red border on the screen being recorded. This allows users to show the exact steps in the workflow that leads to the issue. To stop recording, select the stop button located in place of the original screen-recording button. See Share a Screenshot or Create a Video
    2. Attach a Screen Snip – Allows users to snip an image to be included with the ticket. 
    3. Attach Processing Station and Accompanying Settings – Allows users to attach a complete Processing Station. 
    4. Attach Work Order – Allows users to attach a complete Work Order.
    5. Attach Error Log – Allows users to attach an Error Log. Error Logs are helpful when diagnosing issues. 
    6. Attach File – Allows users to attach any remaining files they feel will be helpful (i.e., Room .DWG files).     
  8. Send – Select this button when you are sure that you have included as much information as is necessary to replicate the issue. 

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