How to Create a Support Ticket through the Microvellum Knowledge Network

How to Create a Support Ticket through the Microvellum Knowledge Network

This tutorial provides the steps to create a support ticket through the Microvellum Knowledge Network as of June 16 th, 2020. For general information on what should be included in a Support Ticket, see Overview: Support Ticket.

Creating a Ticket

  1. Select “Add Ticket” near the top left of your Microvellum Knowledge Network window.

  2. Fig. 1 – Add Ticket

  3. Add any necessary CCs. 
  4. Select the nature of the ticket. Choices in the dropdown: Activation, Problem, Question, Software Integration, Software Update Request, Training, and None. Read More.

  5. Fig. 2 – Classifications

  6. Enter the subject of the ticket. A concise subject line can lead to a quicker resolution. Read More

  7. Fig. 3 – Subject

  8. Enter a description of the issue. The description is your chance to demonstrate the exact steps taken that led to a particular issue. Documenting your exact workflow will lead to the quickest resolution of the issue. Read More

  9. Fig. 4 – Description

  10. Enter the software build number you are currently running. The build number is located near the upper left corner of the Login Screen (Figure 6) or the Help/About window (Figure 7). 

  11. Fig. 5 – Software Build

    Fig. 6 – Login Screen Build Number

    Fig. 7 – Help/About Build Number

  12. Enter the name of the library you are currently working with. 

  13. Fig. 8 – Library

    Fig. 9 – Current Library in Toolbox

  14. Select the radio button if you are experiencing a production shut down.

  15. Fig. 10 – Production Shut Down  
    A production shut down is defined as an inability to produce products or operate machinery from any workstation.
    1. Upon selecting that production is shut down, select whether or not the entire shop is shut down or just a portion of the production.

    2. Fig. 11 – Establish Extent of Shut Down

  16. Select whether or not you are a customer with active support, a customer with expired support, or not a current customer at all.

  17. Fig. 12 – Establish Customer Status

    1. If “Yes – Active Support” – Select your country and state/province.
    2. If “Yes – Expired Support” – Select your country and state/province.
    3. If “No” – Select whether you have a trial, would like a trial, or do not have a trial. Select country and state/province.
  18. Attach all necessary files that will aid in the resolution of the ticket. It is not always possible for us to replicate an issue on our end. This is why we sometimes must recreate a customer’s setup as closely as possible. Include files that will aid us in this recreation.

  19. Fig. 13 – Attach a File

  20. Select Submit once you are sure you have included all necessary information and attachments to replicate the issue.

Reopening a Closed Ticket

When a resolution has been found, a ticket will be closed. Sometimes with additional changes in the software or a customer’s data, there will be regression and the original issue will reemerge. Rather than creating a new ticket and reentering all of the same information, you can reopen a closed ticket.

To reopen a ticket, reply to it via email. If you can’t find the email, you can go to “My Area” here in the Knowledge Network (located in the menu bar above), find your closed ticket and reply to it there. Click on the “Closed” link near the top of the page to find your solved/closed tickets.

Fig. 14 – Closed Tickets in “My Area”

After you reply to the closed ticket, it will be reopened and automatically assigned to the tech that was helping you last. If your “My Area” section does not show the ticket as “Open,” you may need to wait for 30-seconds or so for the system to refresh.

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