How to Install a Library Expansion

How to Install a Library Expansion

This article details the process of importing a library expansion into your Foundation Library.

 Before continuing, make sure that the expansion build number matches your Foundation library build number. 
The Database Management Import tool modifies a large section of data in your current configuration. You should back up your data before importing any library expansion. You can find more information on Database Management Utilities here.
1. Locate the library expansion .zip file you would like to import into your Foundation library. Open the zip file and extract the SDF file to a location of your choosing.

2. Launch Microvellum Toolbox and select Options from the Toolbox Setup drop-down menu to open the Configuration Editor interface. To access the Database Utilities, select the Utilities tab on the far right of the interface and click the Database Management button.

3. From the Database Management interface, select the IMPORT radio button in the bottom left corner to open the files on your computer. Locate the expansion SDF file you previously extracted and click import. A notification will appear asking if you want to select all Database Records from the file. Click, yes.

4. Click Transfer in the bottom right corner to start the import. When prompted, click OK to end the import process. If you have additional expansions to import, you may repeat this process or exit the Database Utilities.
  1. If the import process was successful, you will see the new library expansion category and products available within the Draw Products interface inside the Toolbox palette. 
5. To update an existing expansion, repeat the process above: download the new expansion file, extract the SDF, and import it using Database Management. When importing an update to an existing expansion, during the transfer process, another interface option will pop up to resolve the duplicate or identically named files. Simply check the "Replace" option to overwrite the files from the previous version and replace them with the new and updated files, and click OK. 

If you are interested in acquiring a library expansion and need additional details, please contact your Account Manager. Your Account Manager’s name and contact information can be found in your Toolbox/Help/About Microvellum interface.

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