Library Data Help Documents

Library Data Help Documents

Several advancements have been made to our product libraries. Below is a list of topics that have a matching document attached to this article.
  1. Island Starter Details
  2. FlatShot Drawing Token
  3. Global Workbook Column Numbers
  4. Global Workbook Spreadsheet Interface Layout Explanation
  5. Library Data Codes
  6. Associative Polyline from Drilling
  7. MDF Door Library for Machining
  8. Workbooks in MV
  9. Prompt Drawing Token Tabs 2-5-18
  10. Center Panel Y Origin Formula Layout 3-6-18
  11. Door Documentation - 048 Library 2-26-18
  12. Use Last Value Code Assignments 3-12-18
  13. Special MV System Prompts
  14. Updated Token Parameters 7-6-18
  15. Material Pointers Explained
  16. Associative Hardware Tutorial
  17. Material Spreadsheet Columns
  18. Machine Token - EDGEARRAY
  19. Special Hidden Prompts for Extruded Products
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    • Overview: Material Pointers

      The material of a part is determined by the Material Name property associated with the part. The image below shows a Base Back part within a product and the material that is currently assigned to that part.  Fig. 1 – Base Back currently has the ...
    • Hardware from Machine Tokens (Overview)

      Microvellum software can now accumulate and populate hardware to the work order database based on specific machine tokens. It is one of the useful new Microvellum features supported in build 15.6.2201 or greater. This new ability works only with the ...
    • Microvellum Flatshot Token (Reference)

      The purpose of this article is to document the parameters of the Microvellum Flatshot Tokens available as of build 15.6. Elsewhere in the Microvellum Knowledge Base, you will find articles and tutorials giving an overview of the token, how to access ...
    • Working in the Prompts Tab

      Working in the Prompts Tab To edit a prompt (whether at the product or subassembly level), select a prompt from the list. With the Prompt Values tab selected, you will be allowed to edit the Value, Help Text, Combo Box Value, Mirrored Value, Picture ...
    • Overview: Material Wizard Prompts

      In our effort to reduce the number of separate cut part materials, edgeband materials, and hardware materials, Microvellum has created what we refer to as formula-driven materials. The interface for user interaction between these materials and the ...

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