MaestroActive Encryption Plugin

MaestroActive Encryption Plugin


This article announces Microvellum support for the CPRG file format required by some SCM beam saws. The beam saws covered by this article will be running the MaestroActive controller and not the older MaestroCut controller software.

MaestroActive and the New CPRG Format

CPRG is is an encrypted file format of the older XPRG format used by MaestroCut that Microvellum already supports. For Microvellum to be compatible with saws using the MastroActive control software, a plugin must be installed that will convert the XPRG output into the new CPRG file type.

SCM saws using the new MaestroActive control software can only import files in two formats, the new CPRG format, and PTX v1.14. The standard Microvellum PTX output is not an option with these saws, as it is PTX v1.08, and no longer supported on these machines running the MaestroActive controller.

MaestroActive Encryption Plugin

To export the CPRG format, the MaestroActive Encryption Plugin must be installed. This install will place a DLL file named “En.dll” in the Microvellum Custom Posts folder. When the Microvellum saw optimizer is processing a work order with the “MaestroCutXML” output type and the En.dll is present, it will convert the standard XPRG format into the encrypted CPRG format.

To discontinue exporting to the CPRG format and return to the XPRG format, delete the En.dll out of the Custom Posts folder.

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