Printing Reports and Labels

Printing Reports and Labels

Printing Reports

To print reports, click on the General menu, expand the Reports menu, and select whether you want to print individual reports or report groups. Report Groups can be set up through Toolbox (Toolbox Setup > Design Reports > Setup Report Groups).

Some typical reports to print would include:
  1. Work Order Summary – Includes a summary of the products and material totals included in the work order. This report is often used as a material takeoff report for ordering materials.
  2. Nesting Optimization Report – Includes an image of the nest pattern and a corresponding parts list for each sheet of material.
  3. Sawing Optimization Report – Includes an image of the saw pattern and a corresponding parts list for each sheet of material.
  4. Parts Select P2P Report – Includes a detailed report showing parts by selected Processing Station including all information for the parts; i.e., banding, size, G-code, material, etc..
  5. Product Detail - Sort Numeric Item #s – Includes a detailed report with a generic product image for each product.
Other helpful reports might include:
  1. Metafile Product Picture Report - Dynamic Images – Includes dynamic product images (plan, elevation, section, isometric, and exploded isometric views) and a parts list for each product.
  2. Product Detail - Dynamic Images – Includes a detailed report with a single isometric dynamic image for each product.
  3. Sheet Stock Report, Solid Stock Report, Edgeband Report, Buyout Report, Hardware Report – Includes a material summary (sheet stock materials are totaled by both square footage and sheet quantity).

Printing Labels

  1. To access the labels, click on the Labels menu. Before printing labels, you must select the default labels to be used. To set a default label, expand the current label lists and choose the label to be used.
  2. When printing Product Labels, you have the option to send them to the printer or preview and then print.
  3. When printing Part Labels, you have the option to print Microvellum Nest or Saw Labels, or Ardis Sawing Labels.
  4. Auto Nest Labels can be used with machines capable of printing and placing labels on the parts at the machine.
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