Subassembly Cabinet Modifiers

Subassembly Cabinet Modifiers

The video featured in this article covers the following subassembly modifiers: 
  1. Base Arch Cutout
  2. Base Deco Cutout
  3. Base Three Sided Cutout
  4. Glass Insert
  5. Left and Right Chamfer Corner Flutes

To access the subassembly modifiers featured in this video, select Product Prompts > select the desired product. 

Fig. 01 - Product Prompts

Right-click within the Product Prompts interface and select Subassemblies. 

Fig. 02 - Subassemblies

From the Subassemblies Interface, the Cabinet Modifiers menu is located within the left-hand pane. 

Fig. 03 - Cabinet Modifiers Menu

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