Adding Time/Date stamp as well as Build # to Reports

Adding Time/Date stamp as well as Build # to Reports

      A few weeks ago we updated from TB '22 to TB '23 build 23.1.407.641.  Running through all the testing we didn't see a few things that were not working correctly.  (missing Face 6 Barcodes on part labels, Door lock drilling hole offset was opposite on left doors).   We are now finding that on some jobs we have Nesting and Work order reports that either doubled up some of our panels, so we order more material than needed and a job where the reports only gave us half the materials.  We updated to 23.1.525.641 this week which is now why we are finding these things. 

Question / Fix:
      Because of the issues it has us wanting to add a time/date stamp as well as a Build # onto our reports so we can track changes if needed.  

      So far I have tried using the built in variables for {Time}, {Date}, {MicrovellumSystem.DateCreated}, {MicrovellumSystem.ApplicationVersion} but only the {Date} code appears to work.  I am wondering what we need to do to get the version number and time stamp to work correctly?

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