Associative hardware rotation drill holes problem

Associative hardware rotation drill holes problem


We are using a hinge plate where there are 4 fixing points instead of the usual 2. I've created the new hinge plate by copying an existing one and so on, and everything is working fine. Trouble is when I add another associative token for the drill holes in the Y set +26mm back from the main holes (main holes are set to 0mm on the Y), when the hinge plate is flipped for the opposite door, the new holes flip as well so they become 26mm forward of the main holes (therefore the Y in the token should be -26mm).

When you view the associative rotation angle for the plate, it is either 0 or 180° according to the bay position and so I would still expect the machine token to rotate with.

I've tried to figure out a formula where the Y of the token changes from + to - depending on perhaps the name or bay position but of course, associative hardware machine tokens cannot look to either the product or subassembly?

I know I could probably have a work around where there is a mirrored version of the plate, but I really do not want to go into the extent of changing the subassembly formulas to change when this hinge pate is used as I would rather it be as simple as just another associative machine token in the hardware.

Hoping that makes sense and thanks in advance for any input.

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